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Traditional herbs and spices are used extensvly throughout the menu which combine to create mouthwatering and intensely flavoured dishes.

From the sweet Kashmiri styles, medium strength Rogans, Madras hot styles to the fiery Phall and Singapore dishes. There is something for everyones palette.

Why not endulge yourself with one of our House Speciality dishes……..

“The Moonlight Hot and Spicy ” – Stir fried sliced chicken, red, green and yellow peppers with toasted chillies, coated in a fairly hot sauce, served with Purees, salad and mint sauce. Our own take on the wrap!

“Special Korai Dishes”  – Chicken Tikka Korai, A sizzling dish of medium strength with natural herbs, tomatoes and capsicum cooked in an iron Korai.

“Chicken Bombay”  – Tandoori Chicken Tikka with fresh chillies, garlic, ginger and coriander, with boiled egg in our special exotic sauce.

Wonderful starters, baked fresh breads from the Tandoori Clay Oven, authentic rice dishes and salivating side orders!